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Yanker/Parkang Family Cookbook

Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs




  1. Mix veggies, olive oil, and garlic.
  2. Wrap hotdogs with bacon. Consider using toothpick to hold bacon in place. But don’t want to pierce foil, so maybe trim or angle.
  3. Start with the grill about medium. Use foil to construct two grilling trays. One for hotdogs and one for veggies.
  4. Use aluminum foil to cook hotdogs in the bacon grease. Rotate to cook bacon on all sides. Bacon will finish browning off the grill.
  5. Cook the veggies on the other foil. Mix up every so often, so that the bottom layer doesn’t burn. Should cook down and carmelize.
  6. Toast the buns on upper rack of grill. These should only take a minute.