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Yanker/Parkang Family Cookbook

Fish tacos

First Base: Fish (throw everything in a bowl to marinate in fridge for like 30 min)

Second Base: Slaw

Third Base: Special Sauce (my guidance here is just to add small amounts of everything in a bowl first and taste as you go to see what your comfort level is)

Bringing it Home:

  1. Saute the fish in a pan for as long as you like your fish cooked
  2. As the fish is cooking, you want to warm your tortilla in another small pan that’s been lightly coated with some olive oil to give it some texture - warm it for as long as you want…the longer you leave it on the pan, the crispier it’ll get Take a big spoonful of fishy goodness and place in your choice of tortilla, add special sauce, and then the slaw on top If you’re trying to go low carb, just do it without the tortilla!

I like to grill some corn in elote form too and have that on the side (